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Josh Giddings

I have been in Decorah for 6 years now which doesn’t seem possible!!  I have a great wife and 3 active kids(2 boys, and a girl). I grew up in Central Iowa and the real passion for bikes and riding started early on in my childhood, and has stuck with me ever since.  I enjoy every type or style of riding! (gravel, trails, road, etc)  I have been involved in triathlons since 2004 and have found it to be beneficial to train not just on the roads, but also in the dirt, and on the gravel.  I feel extremely lucky to be living in this part of the state!  We have some of the best riding in the Midwest and I look forward to exploring some of that scenery with other riders!

I look forward to leading some fun rides in 2017.  We will do some gravel rides, road rides, trails, and also do a kids ride to get them more involved with the sport!

Kristin Torresdal

I purchased my first fatbike in December 2014 and have ridden it (and loved it)  year round since then.  I really only ride singletrack these days; if I had more time, I might... ride more singletrack.  Ha. I love the challenge of mountain biking and I love being out in the woods (and away from traffic and farm dogs and civilization in general, too).  Any and every day is better (and the weather seems nicer) in the woods!  I'm very much a beginner- I'm not fast and I'm not a good technical rider- and honestly, I really don't care.  Do I want to hone my skills and be able to ride tougher terrain for longer?  Sure.  But I really just love getting out there, enjoying our awesome trails (and visiting other trail systems, to the extent that my schedule allows), and having a good time with friends.  In the past I was terrified of mountain biking: worried that I'd get hurt or make a fool of myself (both of which I now do on the regular) and frankly it feels good just to reach the point where I'm willing and able to take those risks.  Some rides feel like big accomplishments (the first time making a climb or navigating an obstacle or whatever) and others can be frustrating.. but I never regret the hours spent on my bike, sweating in the woods, and I never fail to have a great time with whoever I happen to be riding with that day.  Toppling Goliath, Pulpit Rock, AND now BA Burrito are all between the trails and my house.  BONUS.

Other details about me: I work full time at the Decorah Public Library (11+ years), part time at La Rana Bistro (5+ years), and I teach indoor cycling at Reefuel (3+ years). I have a stripey little tiger-tornado sidekick named Huck who is 100% unaware that he's actually a dog. I like bikes and dogs and the outdoors and eating snacks.
While I'm a 2017 Decorah Bicycles Ride Ambassador, my goal is to do whatever I can to complement/expand upon Josie's great efforts to get more women involved in mountain biking in our area. I understand the common barriers that prevent women from getting involved because I've been there myself (fear of getting injured, looking like an idiot, not being fit enough, not knowing your way around, being afraid of slowing a group down, etc.).. and thanks to my experiences as an instructor at Reefuel, I also have some background in working with a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, fitness levels, fears, and goals. I'd love to take some women out on the trails, help them discover that it's fun and exciting and provides a huge sense of accomplishment- and it really doesn't matter at all how fast or slow you go, or how many times you walk your bike, or whether some days are easier than others. It's awesome and SO MUCH FUN to get out in the woods with a bunch of other women and just play bikes. And sweat.  And have a few laughs together.  And grab a beer on the way home while you celebrate your ride and show off your bruises and make plans for the next outing.  If you've been thinking "hey, maybe I should try that,"  here's your shot.

I can promise you two things:  1) you will be welcome, no matter what  and 2) we'll have a good time.  I will accommodate schedules as best I can and I'm open to riding separately with just one or two others if that works best for you. If you're worried about fitness prior to riding trails, first of all don't be, but second of all you're welcome to come try Reefuel and start building from there!  Feel free to drop me a line (questions, comments, concerns, anything!) at

We're your local bike shop pros. Family minded and safety conscious. 

Here for you today. Here for you tomorrow. Unless tomorrow's Tuesday!

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